Rev. Linda Wheeler

Rev. Linda Wheeler is the new Minister for the Stafford / Whitewater Parish . Linda commenced her new duties with her first Service at St. Paul's in Cobden on August the 7th. The Parish members are enjoying working with Linda in order to make her Ministry a great Spiritual success for all in the Parish and beyond.

The Reverend Linda Wheeler was ordained as a Priest in the Anglican Church on Wednesday, November the 30th at Christ Church Cathedral in Ottawa. Linda is responsible for the Stafford / Whitewater Parish. Five Priests in all were fully ordained , all female, in a very moving Service at the Cathedral. One highlight of the Ceremony was probably the actually Consecration of the Priests. A Cantor chanted the Litany of the Saints while the Priests who were already ordained gathered all together and sang the responses accompanied by a full congregation. St. Augustine's Anglican Church in Beachburg then was full on Sunday the 4th as the Reverend Linda Wheeler conducted her first Communion Service. There were over 90 present in the congregation to also witness the first communion for seven young people of the Parish. It was all in all a most joyous occasion and a pot lunch lunch was served afterwards in the Church basement.